50th Anniversary

Married October 29, 1960

The Invitation

Over 70 family and friends had a fun-filled evening celebrating 50 years of marriage for Morries and Ann Gibson. There was a Wishing Well for cards, the guests answered Trivia Questions about the couple, and everyone took plenty of pictures with disposable cameras that were placed on all the tables. Everyone's attendance and participation made it a momentous event.

The Program

~ Guests Arrive ~
(Well Wishes & Trivia Questions)

 ~ Honored Couple Entrance (Blow Bubbles) ~

~ Invocation by Rev. Henry Lewis ~

~ Toast by Clifton Gibson ~

 ~ Buffet Dinner ~

~ Special Presentation by Clifton Gibson ~

~ Special Presentation by Arba Tucker ~

~ Couple Dance (Blow Bubbles) ~

~ Trivia Questions Review ~

~ Recognition of Deceased Family ~

~ Cake Served ~

~ Special Presentations by Guests ~

~ Benediction by Rev. Samuel Bell ~

Mom & Dad,

Married fifty years.
Almost as long as I’ve been alive.
You raised us all.
Taught us right from wrong.
Now we’re grown, it’s nice to know
when things get tight or go wrong,
we can always regroup and come home.

Thanks for everything.

Gary Coleman
(RIP 12/8/2010)