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Annie Gibson in the Local Newspaper

Local Woman Reflects On Her Time in Selma

LOOKING BACK: Annie Gibson talks about the hope Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. helped to create.

By Connor Hoffman connor.hoffman@lockportjournal.com | Jan 14, 2018

JOED VIERA/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER | Annie Gibson sits in a relative's kitchen. Gibson resided in Selma AL before the civil rights movement and recalled what things were like in the south during the 1950s.

Chronicles of Morries Gibson

Mom asked me to start recording Dad because he LOVES to tell stories. I did these when he was 83 years old. I hope to record many more videos. Notice how he likes to keep his stories in chronological order.

12/20/20 chapter includes:

  1. At age 2 he swallowed lye
  2. How he got the nickname "Pigeon"
  3. He started school late because his June birthday
  4. What he did to his mean mule
  5. His goat wagon
  6. He tried to run away at 5

1/16/21 I apologize my mic was louder than his.

  1. His twin brother Horris
  2. Why he missed a lot of school
  3. What siblings are still living out of 13
  4. His strong work ethic
  5. How his father died
  6. His favorite Christmas story
  7. Why he worked so hard as a child